About Me

I’m a writer, community-builder, and analytics nerd leading marketing at Microverse, an online school for remote software developers that doesn’t charge you anything until you get a job.

Before that, I learned a lot through a variety of experiences doing freelance and part-time work, starting a company, and growing university organizations. Here are the highlights:

  • I worked semi-remotely to create content, build community, and manage analytics for a Midwest-based B2B SaaS startup called Cheddar.
  • I founded Intask, a platform to connect students and businesses through intern-like tasks. I had some traction, won 3rd in a student pre-accelerator program, learned a lot about being scrappy, and eventually decided to shut it down to explore my curiosities about the changing relationship between last-mile education and work.
  • I cofounded StartupIU, a cross-campus organization at Indiana University that supported student entrepreneurs, changemakers, and innovators. I took charge of creating and co-manging our StartupIU newsletter, which grew from a 400 person list-serv to a newsletter with over 1500 subscribers.
  • I had a brief stint at a Midwest venture capital fund.
  • I maintained a blog, writing on topics at the intersection of entrepreneurship and education before deciding to switch over to Medium.
  • I’ve written a variety of freelance content on education and entrepreneurship in Latin America that’s been featured in publications like the USA Today College, Cuba Journal, and the Startup Frontier.
  • I helped a friend’s Barcelona-based startup market to an English audience by organizing a cool promotional video.

I also love languages, cultural exchange, travel, craft beer, the future of work, technology, and coffee. You can find me on Twitter or in-person living between Medellin, Colombia and Indianapolis, Indiana.