Want to network? Hop on Twitter.

When I first heard about Twitter, I honestly thought it was ridiculous that society was about to have another social network, let alone one where you could only convey 140 characters of information at a time.

As it turns out, I spoke too soon. So far, Twitter has helped me 1) become a team member of an international tech startup, 2) connect with an English gentlemen about becoming a correspondent for a very popular blog, 3) find opportunities to work for my favorite local businesses, and 4) obtain a killer summer job.

I truly believe this one-hundred-forty-character platform is one of the most powerful networking tools at our disposal. For anyone thinking about diving into a new industry–students, I’m looking at you–having a network to leverage your experiences and create new opportunity will end up giving you invaluable returns. Twitter is where to begin.

So how do you go about fully utilizing Twitter?

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