Hi, I’m Wes.


I’m an optimist, technologist, remote work native, writer, community-builder, experimenter, data nerd, and family man.I love helping startups grow.

I also enjoy spending time thinking (and writing) about startups, Medellín, Indianapolis, the future of education and work, technology’s impact on incentives, intentionality, urbanism, and coffee.


I'm currently working on building Pactero. (formerly Align) It started as ISA software, but it turns out—there's not a huge software problem to solve there.

I formerly led growth at Microverse (YC S19), where I joined as the first marketing and growth employee.‍At

Microverse, I’ve balanced high-level strategy with scrappy execution to lead the growth our new enrollments 22% MoM (on average) for 13 months (December 2018 – January 2020).‍To

get there, I spearheaded several marketing and growth initiatives. I managed paid ads, allocated our marketing and growth budget, hacked together our referral program, wrote website copy, configured drip campaigns, created inbound and success story content, hired and managed freelancers, agencies, and new team members, launched cold outreach campaigns, created analytics dashboards, coordinated in-person meetups, launched on Product Hunt, and tested dozens of 3rd party tools and APIs.‍I’

I was also able to foster and shape Microverse’s remote culture and communication as the full-time team grew from 2 to 20+ people

Before Microverse, I learned a lot through freelance and part-time work, dipping my toes into launching my own startup, and growing communities.

Here are the highlights:

  • I worked semi-remotely to create content, build community, and manage analytics for a Midwest-based B2B SaaS startup called Cheddar.
  • I founded Intask, a platform to connect students and businesses through intern-like tasks. I had some traction, won 3rd in a student pre-accelerator program, learned a lot about being scrappy, and eventually decided to shut it down to explore my curiosities about the changing relationship between last-mile education and work.
  • I cofounded StartupIU, a cross-campus organization at Indiana University that supported student entrepreneurs, changemakers, and innovators. I took charge of creating and co-manging our StartupIU newsletter, which grew from a 400 person list-serv to a newsletter with over 1500 subscribers.
  • I had a brief stint as a marketing intern at a Midwest venture capital fund.
  • I maintained a blog, writing on topics at the intersection of entrepreneurship and education before deciding to switch over to Medium.
  • I’ve written a variety of freelance content on education and entrepreneurship in Latin America that’s been featured in publications like the USA Today CollegeCuba Journal, and the Startup Frontier.
  • I helped a friend’s Barcelona-based startup market to an English audience by organizing a cool promotional video.

Projects & Links

I spend time thinking (and writing) about startups, Medellín, Indianapolis, the future of education and work, technology’s impact on incentives, intentionality, urbanism, and coffee.‍

When I publish my thoughts, they mostly go on Twitter. Every 1-2 months, I'll sum up some of those thoughts on my personal newsletter.‍

Talk to me

You can find me in-person splitting my time between Indianapolis (United States) and Medellín (Colombia), or online during a caffeine-fueled tweet spree.

You can also email me. My email is my Twitter username at at gmail dot com.